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    Ziar Zakura-Atlas-approved


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    Ziar Zakura-Atlas-approved

    Post by Gulfwolf on Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:59 pm

    Name: Ziar Zakura, alias Z
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 30 May
    Sexuality: Straight

    Region: Twinleaf, Sinnoh
    Trainer Type:Any
    Special Characteristics: Scar onn the arm created by a Druddigon

    Height: 1.30
    Weight: 48.50
    Hair: Green
    Eyes: Green
    See pic

    Personality: Ziar, alias Z Zakura is smart and quick. Even though his history would make you guess he is scared and rude, he is actually smarter then a normall kid. even though he doesn't know what 2 + two means he could probally defeat the best student of a school in a battle of wits, but only if its about logic and inteligennce, not knowledge. Even though everybody thinks he is dirty and filfthy, he believes the sosiety hasn't beaten the jungle law, but created the civilisation law: The richest survives. It seems no matter how bad he is hit in a battle, it always looks like if he can hit back twice as hard. Blade loves his pokemon and the reason he wants too become the champion is too show that the rich are not superior to the poor.
    Likes: Z likes normal, Poison, and Fightning type pokemon. Z is a believer of freedom and trust
    Dislikes: Normal, Ground, Water and Flying/Normall types. He hates rules too
    Motivations: The reason he wants too become the champion is too show that the rich are not superior to the poor.
    Fears: Z is scared of Tyranitars and most legendary pokemon.

    History: There was once a poor, poor, homeless family. A totaly normal family? No. They had a child that had a talent for befriending wild pokemon. Every day when he was a young child, he saved his family and himself by having his friends get water and food. One they, on his 4th birthday, they went to the zoo, One of his wild pokemon destroyed a window in the house of reptiles. They fled from the guards, having no money to pay the damage. Since then they tried to teach him not to be around pokemon. But it didn't work. He kept befriending every pokemon he saw. The next day, the police found theire shelter, but Z managed to escape, his father tossed him a pokeball before he and Z's mother got accidently killed. He grew up on the streets, still developing his talent for for pokemon. When he was 11, he got caught stealing apples by a rich family, they tried to follow him. They lost him after 10 seconds. The next day the same thing happend, with the same family. One week the same thing every day, untill one day, they finaly managed to catch him. "Let me go" He said. He then kicked and the rich father let him go, he fell on the floor, fainted by the power of the kick. The rich mother on the other hand, managed to catch him. He got raised by the rich family, he finaly understood they didn't want him any harm. He grew up like this till the age of 14. He then decided to discover what was in a pokeball his father had gave him before they got caught. He had never dared to tell anyone about it or open it. There was a Heracross in it. He left the rich family for adventures. His goal was to become the master, to show that rich people werent worth more then poor ones. Since Z travels he got some new pokemon, one beinga Dratini, the other a Duskull.

    RP Sample: ((Nuuuuuuu)) Z did a backwards salto and dodged the attack. He sent out Cross who used Megahorn. The attacked missed but hit a tree, the tree fell on top of the Ledian and she fainted. Some time later they where walking with their newest friend. They enjoyed the cool wind and the smell of the forest. Then, a Dratini attacked.


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