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    How to Create You Trainer Card optional (Tut) Please Read!


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    Re: How to Create You Trainer Card optional (Tut) Please Read!

    Post by JetStarMonster on Sun May 19, 2013 8:01 pm


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    How to Create You Trainer Card optional (Tut) Please Read!

    Post by Gulfwolf on Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:48 pm

    Alright so your ready for your journey,but you need to know how to create your trainer well im going to teach you how!

    1st)Download this template
    By right clicking the press save image as
    then fill out the info using Gimp,Photoshop,
    or Paint.net

    Where is says trainer you add a trainer sprite.
    next to the trainer area you add your trainer's
    Then under my favorite Pokemon you add all your
    favorite Pokemon in the boxes.

    Then in the bottom right corner you add your region.
    On top of the region name add random five numbers.

    Fill out the areas with your info
    you should have something like this

    If you need a trainer sprite's i suggest you Google them or make them on your own.
    Please don't make a stupid character card make it nice and clean Very Happy
    You can add your card to your signature!

    2nd)How to fill out for you Trainer Profile!
    Make Sure to Generate the sheet First*
    ]Start by adding your Card id in your trainer Profile or a avatar of your own.
    2]Then add your trainer's name
    3]Then Your region
    4]Then your trainer type
    And your Done!

    Any Questions post them below!

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