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    Rules and info


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    Rules and info

    Post by Gulfwolf on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:30 am

    Basic Rules

    - Do not curse
    - Do not flame
    - Do not be mean
    - Do not bully
    - Do not impersonate
    - Do not make two active accounts
    - Leaving an account and making a new one is accepted.

    Staff Related Rules

    First of all, if you want to be a staff member then PM an admin. Please only send your message once, and only to one admin, as pestering is extremely annoying to staff and will lower your chance of being selected. Do not PM a moderator as they do not have the power to select staff. The admin will reply as soon as they get your message and will discuss with other staff. They will then reply to tell you if you were chosen. If no, you can send another appeal but it must be at least a week later, to prevent pestering. You may also get offered a place in the staff, but you don't have to agree.

    If someone breaks a rule, report it to any member of staff- admin or moderator. Do not pester. The staff member will look into the case and punish them in a suitable manner.

    If you are seen impersonating or claiming you are a member of staff, you will be caught and punished easily.

    This rule is for staff members only. Do not abuse your powers please. I'm okay with some fun, like kicking people from the chatbox for a joke, but do not ban people because you were angry. And please don't ban people for fun, that also counts as abusing your power.


    If you are innactive for 7 days without announcing that you will be innactive in Introductions and Leavings then you will recieve an innactivity message. If you do not reply within 48 hours then you will be marked as innactive until you return.


    Discrimination will absolutely not be tolerated. Just because your older, or your a guy, or a girl, or white, or American, it doesn't matter. Everyone is equal. There is no superior race under any condition.

    Roleplaying and Posting

    First of all no god modding. You cannot say "Craig walked up to a house. There was a kishin. He turned into a sword and Jane slashed the kishin. The kishin died."

    Do not double post.

    Every post must be at least 4 sentences long to prevent short posts.

    Do not use characters from the anime. All characters must be custom.

    Chatbox Commands

    /mod (Username) Makes the user which is said a chatbox moderator.
    /unmod (Username) Takes away the chatbox moderator powers from the said user.
    Chat Moderators
    /kick (Username) Dissconnects the said user from the chatbox (Note: This will not prevent the user from re-joining)
    /ban (Username) Bans the said user from the chatbox.
    /unban (Username) Unbans the said user and allows that user to use the chatbox.
    /banlist Shows a list of all the banned members.
    /cls Clears all the messages from the talkpage.
    /clear Does the same as /cls
    /abs (Optional: Reason) Shows that you are away so other users will know where you are.
    /exit (Optional: Message) disconnects your self from the chatbox and displays a message.
    /me (Your action) Displays your username and shows that you are performing an action, not just saying something, such as: *Guest jumps off a cliff
    To make the forum a more fun and creative i added a trainer card template that you can customize to use as a avatar!
    This is the blank template!

    This my template sample

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