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    Applyig For Staff


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    Applyig For Staff

    Post by atlas on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:15 am

    Ok, so im applying or staff, I couldn't find a template here so il use my applyience from another site:

    1. Reason for hiring, why pick you over the other candidates? Mostly becouse this site really needs staff, and also, I will be a regular posters, so normal members will be happy
    2. Roleplay experience and examples, they don't have to come from this site, but please provide links to some of your writing and roleplays. Note that this has nothing to do with pokemon and is from another site Blade managed to dodge the attack from the fierce Minotaur by jumping! He landed a inch away from his foot. Blade got kicked and fainted. Zhar and Lilly continued to fight bravely. Some time later, Blade woke up. He saw Lilly Fainted a few steps away and Zhar allmost dead still fightig the Minotaur. Bade managed to pick up his sword and he attacked the powerfull monster from behind. The Minotaur evaporated in too sand and the trio was victorious once again. "Good job Blade" Zhar said. They checked if Lilly was still alive, she luckily was. Together, they braught Lilly to the big house. "Shes the only reasonn im still alive. I was going to get kicked, but she jumped in the front, im surprised she is still alive myself" Zhar continued. When they arrived at the big house, Chiron told them to bring her to the hospitall wing where Argos would wtch over her. When they arrived at the door of the nursery, a broken demi god desended from the ladder who braught to the attic, apparently, the kid had got a frightening prhofecy. (all gramar errors are due to this bad keyboard)
    3. Level of commitment: Il be on everyday, I will take a lot of topics and post regularly.
    4. Any other staff experience from other sites, preferably RP sites. None

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    Post by Gulfwolf on Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:18 am

    Nice job atlas i will now make you become part of the team you will be a mod.

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